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" The Man...The Music...The Magic...The One"...

   I would like to thank all the fans around the world for buying my CD's.

  Happy New Year!!!  

Check out the music section, The Frank Ace Duo live, from 1985!! 

"A Egg & A Biscuit", On Sale NOW!!

Welcome 2014 Blues Fans!!!

Please check out the Photo section.  I have posted pictures from every time of my life.  I hope you enjoy going back thru my life.    I had many more pictures, but they were lost in a self-induced fire in a metal barrel ......:-)    Sometimes You just feel bad about where You are.  Well, that's the blues!  "The object is to smile, and write a song about it".  I do! 
  Check out the music section, there are some live tracks from the old days, "Frank Ace &The Blues Crusaders, Live In England", from 2006! 

Frank Ace