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" The Man...The Music...The Magic...The One"    

   Introducing the new Frank Ace Blues Band!

Mickey, Pedro, Rodney, Orlando

Frank Ace

Check out the music section!  


"All our CDs On Sale @!!

Welcome 2016 Blues Fans!!!

Please check out the photo section.  I have posted pictures from every time of my life.  I hope you enjoy looking back thru my life.  I had many more pictures, but they were lost in a self-induced fire in a metal barrel in Topeka, KS... :-)    Sometimes you just feel bad about where you are, and what you're doing.  Well, that's the blues!  "The object is to smile, and write a song about it." I do, I did!  

Check out the music section, there are some live tracks from the old days.

        ".... send me a message to Guestbook"!! 

Frank Ace